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 Senske Donates Lights to Giant Spokane Christmas Tree

The tree is covered in 2,500 LED, C-9 bulbs stretching more than 3,125 feet in length. The project required an 85-foot lift and took 27 hours to decorate.

December 15, 2018
Edited by Brad Harbison

SPOKANE, Wash. — For the past two years, Senske Services of Spokane has donated the lighting for the enormous fir tree and it is quite the undertaking. According to Timm Turnbough, branch manager, installing the lights requires an 85 foot lift and takes 27 man hours. It will take another 18 hours to remove the lights at the end of this holiday season.

The Christmas tree is covered in 2,500 LED, C-9 bulbs stretching over 3,125 feet in length. The giant red bow is 10 feet tall and there are 6 large light bursts that top the tree.
Turnbough went on to say that “Senske is delighted to be part of the annual celebration.” On the day of the event, Senske team members were on hand distributing 3D glasses that display fun holograms within the Christmas lights. The festive tree will remain lit throughout the holiday season for all of Spokane to 

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